Picture Glass

Why do we glaze pictures?

The glass provides a protective layer in front of the artwork keeping it safe from contact with damaging objects and also from the damaging environment we all live in, there are many types of glass as you will see from below, most picture glass is 2mm thick but as you will see we do offer thicker products.

Standard/Plain Glass

2mm thick float glass – this glass is the most popular choice for standard glazing of pictures, it gives good protection and is optically clear and flat.

Non Reflecting Glass

2mm thick NRG – this glass is the same basic glass as standard glass but with a diffused face that changes the way light reflects, useful if art is opposite large light sources.

UV Filter Glass (Ultra Violet Filter)

2mm thick float glass – this glass has a coating applied to one surface of the glass that eliminates 99% of the damaging UV light (the light that fades images). It is ideal for bright rooms or for artwork that need extra protection from fade.

UV Filter Non Reflect Glass

2mm thick float glass – as above for the UV treatment but with a defused side as well to help eliminate reflection.

Museum Glass

2mm thick float glass – this glass is water white and anti-reflective glass. Reduces reflections to less than 1% and allows viewing of artwork as intended – showing the colours without distortions.

Acrylic Artscreen

2mm thick – this is an acrylic glazing product giving a UV screen of 92% filter and is used mostly for safety as it will not shatter into pieces on impact. Useful in schools, public buildings and food environments.

Safety Glass and Artscreen

We supply a variety of toughened glass and impact resistant Artscreen in thicknesses up to 10mm thick, these are used in a variety of situations and we advise on the best option for your requirement.

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