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Have you got damaged frames or frames with great sentimental value?

We can restore old or damaged frames back to their former glory, our restorer is fully trained in re-building damaged frames, re-finishing damaged areas of frames and re-gilding ornate frames.


We can repair cracks by filling and stabilising them. For decorative areas that have been broken or lost, we can remould or carve with specialist materials such as gesso, wood and coloured clay. These filled areas can then be colour matched and patinated to complement the surrounding frame.

Frame restoration usually takes about two weeks, but we will quote you on the cost and give you an indication of the time when we see the item needing repair. We also check for and report on any insect infestation in the timber and will treat the problem as part of the restoration.

Replacement of inappropriate materials. Old picture frames often contain backing and mount boards that have a high level of acid. This acid transfers from the boards to the artwork causing it to discolour and degrade. These materials can be safely removed and replaced with acid-free conservation grade boards that protect and prevent further damage. Broken and missing glass can be replaced with UV filter or museum glass.

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