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It is important that the mount board used on artwork is good quality, here at Speedframe we only stock high-quality white core mount board or better, ensuring that when you have selected a mount to compliment your pictures from our range of 104 colours, your art is presented in a safe conservation-friendly state.

Picture Mounting

Speedframe’s picture mounting service is simply outstanding! Not only do we stock a range of high-quality mount boards, we cut all our mounts on a Valiani CNC computerised cutter and that allows us to accurately cut any mount combination, no matter how complicated.


Mount Boards

We have a minimum standard of mount board to ensure your art kept in a safe, conservation-friendly environment. Our entry-level mount board is a white core board with a ph-neutral core giving your artwork an acid-safe environment inside the frame. We stock boards with higher conservation qualities up to museum-level mount boards.


Mount Range

All our mountboards are Fine Art Trade Guild certified. These mountboards are 1400 micron (1.4mm) thick and have a crisp 45-degree bevel on the inner edge, cut by a precise computerised mountboard cutter accurate to 0.02mm. Choice of colour is essential to bring out the subtle colours in your artwork, so we stock a range of 104 different mountboard colours from white to black ensuring you can find the perfect combination to suit your picture. Our framing experts are always on hand to guide you with the correct colour choice. We also stock different thicknesses of boards and decorative boards for advanced picture mounting.

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