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Speed Frame offers a comprehensive professional picture framing service from our premises on Lincoln’s High Street. We can frame almost anything from certificates and family photographs through to watercolours and oil paintings, to highly complicated display frames containing items such as football shirts, floral bouquets and running medals. We have even framed an Exhaust Manifold from an F1 race car!

Computerised Pricing

Our highly trained framing assistants will help and advise on the choice of frames, mount colours, glass type and any other considerations your artwork needs. We accurately calculate the cost of your project using our computerised pricing programmes and agree on a collection date to suit your diary. We can ensure the safety of your art – as it never leaves our store.



Do we have a frame to suit your artwork? Yes, we have in stock a range of over 300 styles of frames, all of which are bespoke to suit your requirements. We hand-finish our frames to offer you an unlimited choice of colour and finish to suit your home decor or corporate identity. We also pride ourselves in making sure that over 65% of our sourced frame stock is FSC timber from managed woodland sources.



It is important that the mount board used on artwork is good quality. We only stock high-quality white core mount board or better (see mounting page) ensuring that when you have selected mounts that suit your pictures from our range of 104 colours your art is presented in a safe conservation-friendly state


Picture Glass

Speedframe carries 6 different types of picture framing glass on stock, products as follows:

Standard Glass – 2mm float giving excellent framing quality

Non Reflecting Glass – 2mm float with a diffused surface

UV filter glass – 2mm glass that provides 99% conservation-grade UV protection

Low reflection  - 2mm glass invisible glass with 70% UV protection

Museum Glass – 2mm glass the highest performance invisible glass with 99% UV protection

Acrylic Glazing – A variety of shatterproof glazing for situations where safety is needed


Why Do We Glaze Pictures?

The glass provides a protective layer in front of the artwork keeping it safe from contact with damaging objects and also from the damaging environment we all live in. There are many types of glass as you will see below, most picture glass is 2mm thick but we do offer thicker products.


Standard/Plain Glass

2mm thick glass - most popular choice for standard glazing of pictures, it gives good protection and is optically clear and flat.

Non Reflecting Glass

2mm thick glass - same basic glass as standard glass but with a diffused face that changes the way, light reflects, useful if art is opposite large light sources.

UV Filter Glass (Ultra Violet Filter)

2mm thick glass – coating applied to one surface of the glass that eliminates 99% of the damaging UV light (the light that fades images). It is ideal for bright rooms or for artwork that needs extra protection from fade.

Museum Glass

2mm thick glass – prevents fading with 99% conservation level UV block, provides crisp image resolution with less than 1% light reflection, maintains true colours.  

Clear Acrylic 

2mm thick – lightweight option, excellent optical clarity, 92% visible light transmission and is used mostly for safety as it will not shatter into pieces on impact. Useful in schools, public buildings and food environments.


Our highly trained staff assemble and finish your frames, we then thoroughly check the quality of your finished item before putting the hanging cord on, so all you need to do is chose the wall your artwork will live on.



We are fully aware that artwork needs to be taken care of over time so all of our processes and materials take this into consideration.



We have invested in the latest picture framing machinery. This includes computerised CNC mount cutters, automatic twin-blade mitre saws, computerised frame nailers and wall saws for board cutting. Thus ensuring complete accuracy in the production of your picture frames or display cases.

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